Proceedings of Conference on Language Documentation & Linguistic Theory 3

Edited by Peter K. Austin, Oliver Bond, Lutz Marten & David Nathan

This page presents the papers arising from the third LDLT conference held on 19-20 November 2011 at SOAS University of London …read more…

Originally published at and republished under an open access Creative Commons licence CC-BY-NC. Copyright rests with the authors.

File Title Author(s)
Table of contents, Appendix and cover Peter K. Austin, Oliver Bond, Lutz Marten & David Nathan
Introduction Peter K. Austin, Oliver Bond, Lutz Marten & David Nathan
Multivariate typology and field linguistics: a case study on detransitivization in Kiranti(Sino-Tibetan) Balthasar Bickel
Towards empirical classification of Kinnauri varieties Anju Saxena
Universal grammar, language evolution, and documenting an ancient language Anvita Abbi
Tone and voicing perception in Walungge Cathryn Bartram
Complex perspectives in Arwako languages: comparing epistemic marking in Kogi and Ika Henrik Bergqvist
Documenting evidentiality in Ecuadorian Siona: is inferentiality evidential, modal or both? Martine Bruil
Documentation, description and teacher training: workshops on language and culture Eliane Camargo & Sabine Reiter
Lexical frequency in British Sign Language conversation: a corpus-based approach Kearsy Cormier, Jordan Fenlon, Ramas Rentelis, & Adam Schembri
Interactional functions as part of the grammar: the suffix -ba in Cha’palaa Simeon Floyd & Martine Bruil
Evidentiality and new media in the Caucasus: the case of Hinuq Diana Forker
Classifying Nouns vs. Classifying Relations: a case study from Ambrym Michael Franjieh & Kilu von Prince
Varieties of external possession in Chimwiini Brent Henderson & Charles Kisseberth
Is ex situ documentation valid? Language documentation in immigrant and refugee communities Brent Henderson
Negation in Nar Kristine Hildebrandt & Oliver Bond
The many ways of falling down a cliff: culture-specific and language-specific ways of expressing path in Jaminjung and Kriol Dorothea Hoffmann
Focus particles in endangered languages Lena Karvovskaya
Emphatic transcategorial morphology: a cross-linguistically rare phenomenon in Enets Olesya Khanina & Andrey Shluinsky
Bemba benefactive constructions in the typology of applicatives Lutz Marten
The repair problem: diagnostics and competing orthographic subsystems in Suruí Denny Moore & Andrew Nevins
A discussion of the interaction between tone and phonation, with special reference to Gurung J. Joseph Perry
Preservation and innovation of numeral classifiers in Malto Chaithra Puttaswamy
Interactional methodology for endangered language documentation Oriana Reid-Collins
Symmetrical voice and the linking of objective agents in Austronesian Languages: an LFG approach Sonja Riesberg
Semantic categorisations in the Gújjolaay Eegimaa collectives and distributives Serge Sagna
Plural words in Papuan languages of Alor-Pantar Antoinette Schapper & Marian Klamer
Language documentation in repeatedobservations design: directionality of syntactic projections in Urum Stavros Skopeteas
Bringing ‘interactivity’ into language documentation studies Yuko Sugita
Pronouns and postpositions in Hiaki Alex Trueman & Heidi Harley
A database as a method of raising typological questions about poetic form Stefano Versace & Nigel Fabb
Verbal agreement in Blanga (Blablanga), an Austronesian language of the Solomon Islands Radu Voica
The context of the context (and other factors to consider in describing a language) Christina M. Willis