Proceedings of Conference on Language Documentation & Linguistic Theory 4

Edited by Aicha Belkadi, Kakia Chatsiou & Kirsty Rowan

This page presents the papers arising from the fourth LDLT conference held on 7-8 December 2013 at SOAS University of London …read more…

Originally published at and republished under an open access Creative Commons licence CC-BY-NC. Copyright rests with the authors.

File Title Author(s)
Table of contents Aicha Belkadi, Kakia Chatsiou & Kirsty Rowan
Introduction Aicha Belkadi, Kakia Chatsiou & Kirsty Rowan
Plenary presentations
Lessons from “anomalies”: Systemic motivation in grammar Farrell Ackerman
Interaction is reflected in grammar (as you and I can see!) Eva Schultz-Berndt
Verb meaning and deictic paths in Taqbaylit Berber Aicha Belkadi
Atlantic noun class systems: a typological approach Denis Creissels
Gathering situated dialogue in the field Andrew Gargett & Sam Hellmuth
Some answers and more puzzles: Newly discovered modal categories and the history of the Iwaidjan verb system Robert Mailhammer
Parentheticals in the context of interactional patterns of the small-scale society of Alto Perené Arawaks of Peru Elena Mihas
The discourse function of object marking in Swahili and Makhuwa narratives Teresa Poeta
Documenting the language of emotions in Dalabon (Northern Australia): Caveats, solutions and benefits Maïa Ponsonnet
A tool for sign language grammaticography: The SignGram Blueprint Josep Quer & Carlo Cecchetto
Possessor co-reference marking and agreement in Chimane Sandy Ritchie
Taxonomic hierarchies in the Gújjolaay Eegimaa ethnobotany: How useful are Berlin’s universal criteria? Serge Sagna
Relativization in Siwi (Berber) Valentina Schiattarella
‘From where or what?’ – Constituent interrogatives in Secoya Anne Schwarz
Another look at right-detached NPs Candide Simard
On the use of questionnaires in semantic fieldwork: A case study in modality Jozina Vander Blok